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Command-line Arguments

  • --bonusChest
  • --demo
    • Run the server in demo mode.
  • --eraseCache
    • Erase server cache
  • --forceUpgrade
    • Forces upgrade on all the chunks, so the version of all chunks matches the current server version.
  • --help
  • --initSettings
    • Loads settings from '' and 'eula.txt', then exit.
  • --jfrprofile
    • Initializes the Java Flight Recorder. (v1.18+)
  • --nogui
    • Doesn't open the GUI when launching the server. Not recommended if you want to monitor your server
  • --port <Number>
    • Overrides the value.
  • --safeMode
    • Loads with vanilla data pack only.
  • --serverId <String>
  • --singleplayer
    • Runs the server in offline mode
  • --universe <String>
    • The folder in which to look for world folders.
  • --world <String>
    • The name of the world folder
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