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sudo npm i servercraft -g
The Servercraft CLI is only available on npm (macOS, Windows, & Linux are supported)
Don't have Node.js & NPM? Download instructions can be found at And the download can be found at


servercraft - Lists all the commands
servercraft start - Sets up & starts server
servercraft setup - Sets up the server (automatically does this before starting)
servercraft eula - Opens the EULA file
servercraft dir - Opens the directory of server files
servercraft config - Opens
servercraft docs - Opens the docs
servercraft delete - Deletes your server
servercraft java - Opens Java's download page.
ip - A seperate command that returns your IP address (append --port to return your server's IP)


servercraft start "args"

Args parameter

The args parameter are added to the end of the command when the server starts.
If you want to use multiple, make sure to put them in quotes, as shown above.